Transcription & Captioning services

Fast, 100% Accurate & Confidential Human Transcription

To be global is to be more and more accessible via different channels, and that what transcripts and captions do for your audio and video contents. Also, they enhance search engine optimization (SEO) for your content; as search engines do not have the ability to watch a video, but transcripts, along with captions, allow search engines to read and “view” the true contents of a video/audio file.

Transcription and captioning DIFFER than subtitling. Transcription is converting video/audio content into a written text, whereas captioning divides transcripted text into time-coded chunks. They also include references like identifying who is speaking, various speakers and relevant sounds such as a doorbell, dog barking, or music being played, which allow viewers to watch videos in a sound sensitive environment like a quiet office or on public transportation, and make radio shows more accessible and increase user interaction.

We-Arabize specializes in captioning and transcripting wide range of audio and video contents; as our services are available for non-digital audio formats (e.g., magnetic tapes and micro cassettes) as well as for digital audio formats (e.g., mp3, dss, wav, and wma). We offer our services for conferences, group discussions, business meetings, seminars, verbal interviews (one to one or multiple), marketing research-based interviews, job interviews, industry surveys, key note addresses, university lectures, radio and television shows and podcasts. Our team uses high-tech equipment for captioning audio/video content to guarantee you more accuracy and less time consuming than traditional ones.