Technical Translation Services

Technical Translation Services


Translating Every Nut and Nail       (Translating Every Step)

Why Technical Translator NOT a Bilingual Technician?

The term “Technical” refers to translations within certain technical fields such as IT, medical, engineering or any other field that requires special knowledge. Technical translation normally requires a broader range of skills than a generic translation, as technical translator normally deals with specific texts such as instruction manuals, user guides and technical reports. So why not use a bilingual employee who speaks a second language and already has the necessary technical knowledge to translate the technical documents?

On the outside looking in, it seems that there is little to no cultural influence on science, engineering and technical information. But research proved that only around 5-10% of technical content is actually terminology and the rest of the content is plain language. That makes the technical document influenced by culture as any other document, if not more. So, you need to find a technical translator who has knowledge in translation techniques and fully understands the specific terminologies and knowledge of the overall subject matter of a document in order to make 100% accurate translation.


Why We-Arabize

In We-Arabize, we have a team of translators who are specialized in the field they translate, they may have a degree in this field or have developed an extensive knowledge thanks to on-field experience and subject matter of expertise (SME). That means they have the necessary technical knowledge that help them to better understand the content and translate it accurately in the target language.

Our technical translators also pay so much attention to cultural writing styles, phrases and idioms which need precise translation, to avoid many of the traps that stand between them and document accurate translation.


QA Process

Poor technical translation services can lead to very bad consequences; system failure, damaged equipment or even worse. Imagine what an incorrect translation of safety instructions would mean to a technician whose job relates to high voltage electrical systems.

In We-Arabize, we have a very restrict 3-Layer QA system. First, we create a glossary lists the unique industry-specific technical terms used in the project and ensure the consistent use of correct terminologies in translation, then, in specialized document, we refer to a bilingual subject matter to review and ensure the full transferring of the intricate, complex meaning of the technical document you are translated. Finally, we proofread the document to ensure text quality and 100% accuracy.


What We Offer

We have a proven track record in delivering accurate technical translation services compliant with different technical industries standards such as:

  • Electric & Electronic Engineering

  • Civil & Architecture Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Machine & Power Tool

  • Furniture & Appliances

  • Manufacturing

  • Energy

  • Motor & Automotive Parts

  • Physics

  • Chemistry


We are able to provide you a high-quality translation for all sorts of technical documents such as:

  • Bills

  • Brochures

  • CAD Drawings

  • Catalogs

  • Data sheets

  • Installation instructions

  • Instruction & Maintenance Manuals

  • Labels

  • License Agreements

  • Marketing Materials

  • Multimedia Audio and Visual

  • Operation Manuals

  • Patents

  • Presentations

  • Reports

  • Safety Instruction

  • System Requirement Documents

  • Technical Proposals

  • Technical Specifications

  • Tender documents

  • Training Material

  • Users Guides


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We-Arabize has 12+ years of experience in translating, localizing, editing, revising, and proofreading technical documents and content. We have specialists who have experience in your industry with highly distinguishable quality that makes these clients trust our services: