E-Commerce Translation Services

E-Commerce Translation Services


It’s not only what is said but also how it’s said!


Global Business to Business and Business to Country industry keep on getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, e-commerce website becomes not just an option for your business – it’s now an essential tool if you plan to compete.

E-Commerce is the common way to expand your market to reach the worldwide customers no matter where they are. It benefits business owners and customers alike. However to be able to reach your customer, you have to talk to them in a way they better prefer and understand.

In e-commerce translation and localization, it’s important to know which contents need to be translated in order to enhance user experience, boost brand loyalty and ensure that the purchase takes place. More customers will buy from you if you speak their language as better understanding promotes more trust and more trust means more purchases. Simply you need customer-centered translation.


Benefits of E-Commerce Translation

It is widely common thinking that customers who use the internet are perfectly happy to use English for their online shopping, but studies proved that it isn’t the case at all. Online buyers usually prefer to look for and buy products and services in their native language.

Translating your online website increases your iSEO (international search engine optimization), makes it easy to find you online through Google and local search engines and makes your platform appears as it’s been designed for the audience you’re targeting. Today’s customers discover products, research features and compare prices online, from their mobile devices. They, increasingly, expect you to provide the information they’re looking for, where they’re looking for it. If you don’t appear in searches, you’re missing out on business opportunities.

Translating your products, features and specifications, and how to use them will gain you more and more clients worldwide as online shoppers want a fast, seamless buying experience. And this, consequently, will ensure you excellent return on investment.


Why We-Arabize?

In We-Arabize, we take into account the actual language and region you’re localizing for, cultural preferences, and make sure that your audience can do business with you smoothly.

Our team gives you the chance to work closely with an expert linguist who has both extensive e-commerce experience and in-depth knowledge of your product focus too. Our language specialists are native speakers of the language of your target audience to ensure that all the translation and localization we do for your e-commerce entity, that seeks to expand its reach to international markets, retains the style and voice of your brand as well as taking into account local cultural preferences and norms. Our team provides you:

  • Ability to target any market in the world thanks to our native-speaking translators in more than 100 global languages

  • Localizing product description to attract your consumer to take the next move.

  • Translating user review translation to help you build and deliver brand image.

  • High quality, fluent and accurate translation backed by triple-layer quality assurance procedures

  • Conversion of sizes, measurements, weights and prices

  • Making your website easy to find online through Google and local search engines

  • Translation for e-mails, FAQ’s and support documents to make better communication worldwide.

Wherever the market you target is, our native language-speaking e-commerce translators let you sell there as effectively as you do at home.

E-commerce translation and localization goes beyond simple translation of your product titles and descriptions to provide you content recreation and focus on important local keywords and end users’ expectations.


Our translation services allow you to build e-commerce solutions and target any region or language in the world as we localize your website and marketing materials for challenging global markets on any continent especially in Arabic variants spoken, including the KSA, UAE and Gulf region.


What We Offer

We have worked with clients in a wide range of sectors, including fashion, beauty and cosmetics, consumer electronics, sportswear, and travel accessories, to list a few. We guarantee you a high-quality translation for any e-commerce aspect you have, such as:

  • Product title and description

  • User review

  • customer support emails,

  • FAQs

  • Websites

  • Social media accounts


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