E-Book and E-Learning Translation Services

E-Book and E-Learning Translation Services

Spread Knowledge to the Whole World


E-Learning has become the prevailing trend that is expanding rapidly among schools, universities, and even companies that wish to expand globally. More people recognize the benefits of learning in their mother tongue therefore the demand for e-learning translation and localization has grown.

Not only students can utilize e-learning material but also employees can use it to be taught company materials and training modules through videos, presentation slides, and documents. E-learning is used for IT skills and soft skills training, as well as for compliance training, continuing professional development (CPD) and other valuable workplace skills trainings; creating a smooth communication channel between you and your employees.

So, if you have a team who has developed your courses perfectly to deliver maximum learning impact and results for your global clients, you will definitely need to localize them in order to have access to the global market, where you can reach out to millions of users in their native language in a cost effective way.


E-Learning Translation Difficulty

E-Learning content, normally, includes various technologies and tools to transfer its concepts, texts, videos, audio files… etc. and any culturally inappropriate expression or irrelevant image will significantly hinder the process.

Translating and localizing e-learning materials is a kind of puzzle that has many elements to put together. If you want to deliver e-learning content with high usability across multiple markets, you need to know how to deal with many components, formatting, document design, semantics, cultural aspects and others to keep the same style and tone in the target language.


Why We Arabize

In We-Arabize, we have a high-quality native speaker team with subject-matter expertise (SME) who can handle all types of contents with correct editing tools so your content will be well understood, translated, subtitled and dubbed to the target language(s).

We work on formatting, converting images, refining, and adjusting the layout, including style, font, numbering, lists, page breaks to stylize your documents into a professional look that is easy on the eyes.