Legal & UN Translation Services

Legal & UN Translation Services

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Legal Translation is a Challenge

Legal translation work requires both a high level of linguistic skill and a thorough knowledge of legal practice and terms. Legal translator has to be well qualified and precise in that legal document he deals with.

Sometimes legal documents are not necessarily linguistically transparent, it may contain Latin legal terminology, which can lead to expensive misunderstandings and unforeseen consequences including but not limited to lawsuits and loss of money

Legal translation is about finding equivalent principles in two different legal systems written by two different languages and surrounded by two different cultures. In addition, there are countries where there is a clear division between secular and religious law. However, in others, these two laws are not clearly separated and that is what makes legal translation a particularly challenging specialization.

Legal translator also knows that each legal system has its own legal terminologies and the he has to produce a target text that is equivalent, and not identical, to the source text. He also has to consider the cultural context in order to produce a faithful translation. Professional legal translators need to provide, in addition to translating the words, equivalents for the underlying legal concepts and institutions.


Security and Confidentiality

Legal translation, by nature, featured by high confidentiality materials that makes some companies hesitate to turn to external translators for help. However, real world proved that, using outsourcing translators, in contrast can be in company’s best interests.

In We-Arabize, we take confidentiality extremely seriously. We completely aware that translating legal documents necessarily involves access to documents and information including protected personal data, which are highly confidential, and commercially sensitive.

In order to protect your company’s valuable information, we maintain strict guidelines in handling your sensitive physical and digital materials. All our staff and linguists are bound by strict confidentiality terms, GDPR compliant, and we