Banking and Finance Translation Services

Banking and Finance Translation Services

When Zero has a Value!

No matter what your business is, your age, your study, … you will have to deal with banking and finance information on a daily basis, whether in bank statements, pension, loans, mortgages, stocks, taxation, exchange rates…etc. To handle such sensitive information you needs to fully understand them, which will be so much easier if they are in you language.

Finance industry has its specific language, terminology, idioms, and submit to complex rules and regulations; so, it needs more than just a translator, it needs an experienced translator with real-world knowledge of the concepts and instruments involved, and knows how to translate and localize your message carefully so it resonates with the audience from another culture.

When it comes to a delicate matter like numbers, you need not less than100% accuracy, as a wrong ZERO may cost you a fortune!


Why We-Arabize?

Our banking and financial translation services we provide for our global clients are always handled by experienced translators who have been in finance industry themselves. Also, they’re cultural experts too, and native speakers of your target language. In We-Arabize, we

  • Have a financial translating team, which is not easy, given the challenges of finding translators in such a well-paid industry.

  • Rely on native-speaking translators who are banking and finance specialists

  • Translate, localize and transcript any financial material into more than 100 languages

  • Have a quality that’s guaranteed to meet the international ISO:9001 standard

  • Have comprehensive experience in the financial field of your industry, utilize the help of SME in that field or both.


Latest Tools and Technology to Guarantee the Accuracy

Whatever your field is, you absolutely need to ensure the precise translation of your financial content regarding technical financial terms, numbers, formulas … etc. We guarantee you the utmost accuracy and the consistency you need for all your translated file along with keeping the right numbers, currencies, punctuation, separators, decimal, and all numeric staff in its place.

We use the latest technologies as main quality controls, which are:

  • Translation Memories (TM) – we keep a database of already-translated terms to improve efficiency and ensure consistency within and across your projects.

  • Specialized Glossaries and Brand Guidelines – In fast-pace economy world like we live in, finance industry develops new terminologies almost every hour (the obvious example “Brexit”) so that our team members keep updating themselves with the newest terminologies and carefully look up for every single word to be able to translate and localize them into target cultural norms.

  • Triple-layer Quality Assurance – translated projects are assessed by a senior editor, reviewed by subject matter of expert (SME). We, also, can provide back translation for your most vital projects.

We are used to scaling our financial translation services to meet the needs of companies of all sizes and all scopes of project.


What We Offer:

No matter the size of the investment company, bank or any other institution you represent, you will have your own personal account manager. In We-Arabize, we translate, localize, transcreate, transcript your financial content whatever international market you’re targeting, whatever your volume requirements are and whatever you need to. You have the right expert for the job.

Our services include but not limited to:

  • All forms of banking

  • Commercial finance

  • Corporate finance

  • Financial accounting

  • Financial planning and wealth management

  • Fiscal policy

  • Fund management

  • Investments

  • Loans

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Mortgages

  • Operations

  • Pensions

  • Specialist markets

  • Structured finance

  • Taxation


FOREX & SABB Translation Services

Forex and its elder sister SABB became main portals in exchanging currencies and financial trades industry. They are quickly expanding markets that help set the exchange rates, allow people to trade currency and bring the benefits of investing and working in currency trade to light across the world.

Exchanging currencies via Forex and SABB portals is an industry that requires different minds with different cultures to work together on the international basis and extend fields and deal with never heard before currencies. Such hidden prospects of this trade make it risky and adventurous at the same time. The biggest barrier here is language. We can turn this barrier to be your strong point and enable you to have good foreign exchange, flourish your industry and make progress.

Translating such portals is highly needed to help financial institutions and brokerage firms expand their business globally, communicate with clients and colleagues in other countries and manage social profiles and forums effectively.

We have a team of linguists and language experts who specializes in the Forex and SABB portals and work closely to keep themselves updated with all the latest terminologies. Our team produces high-quality translation services by using the most cutting-edge Computer-Assisted Translation Tools (CAT) that help with ensuring accuracy, consistency and conveying the correct message of the original content.


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