IT, Electronics and Software Translation Services

IT, Electronics and Software Translation Services

Be a Top of Your Game    (You Innovate, We Translate)

The Need for IT & Software Translation

The field of information technology and telecommunication is constantly changing and expanding, allowing product designers to move faster from concept, to design then product usage, and urging technology companies to rapidly tailor their products and supporting materials for global distribution.

To be able to cope with these fast pacing steps and be on top of your game, you need to partner with a translation company experienced in IT & software translation services. As you will need to translate and localize networks and corporate systems, databases, network security and much more into the native language of your people who operate and manage any new headquarter, branch, franchise, office… that pop ups daily in many foreign regions.


Right People for Each Project

IT & software development, implementation and upgrading are existed in about every business endeavor to have a professional platform, market pressures to bring your innovations to the international use, and worldwide users need to understand your product well before using it.

Therefore, high quality IT translation is vital for any business striving to strengthen its position in foreign markets. As information technology users, like anybody else, prefer reading technical manuals, instructions, electronic books or supporting material in their native language, and only expert translators can guarantee you a correct convey of your message.


Why We-Arabize

In We-Arabize, we fully aware that insufficient professionalism in translation leaves users with a negative impression of your business, or more, risk losing all credibility. Therefore, we don’t compromise when it comes to choose our IT translators.

Our team includes different translators with the relevant industry experience and necessary technical skills needed for your project. For example, we assign more technical translator to localize the user interface (UI) of a new application, and a more creative type to translate the marketing content.

We also have, among these specialized translators, genuine computer enthusiasts, hardware and software specialists, and even programmers and experts in artificial intelligence. With our software localization services, we let you roll out your new product lines and updates on time, every time.


QA Guaranteed

Translations for IT and software, like any other technical translation, require appropriate vocabulary and terminology usage to produce the necessary quality of the project. As a standard step in the process, we work with specially developed glossaries, and we proofread every translation to guarantee the accuracy of terminology, clarity and consistency, along with high specialized professional translators who:

  • Possess IT terminology knowledge

  • Perfect understand the source language

  • Have excellent technical abilities

  • Are familiar with software tools and IT practices

  • Keep themselves updated with the latest terms and technologies

After translation is complete, we run a testing phase to ensures the translation is consistent with the specifications.

We keen to assign the same translators to clients they have worked with previously to ensure consistency in terminology and style.


What We Offer:

Whether you need software localization, IT engineering translation, database translation and localization, API translation, mobile app localization, or any other highly technical IT translation and localization service, our high-quality translators are ready for it.

We also translate research reports on the information and communication technology (ICT) industries as well as consulting reports written by IT companies.

We have specialist translators in areas including:

  • Software

  • Hardware

  • ERP solutions

  • Computer security

  • Geographic applications

  • Specific applications

  • Operating networks

  • Operating systems

  • B2B platforms

  • Servers

  • Workstations

  • Storage

  • Procedural guides

  • Product info sheets

  • Marketing brochures

  • Security policies

  • Web content

  • CAD

  • Design software

  • Case studies


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We-Arabize has 12+ years of experience in translating, localizing, editing, revising, transcreating, and proofreading IT & software content. we have experience in your industry with highly distinguishable quality that makes these clients trust our services: