Gaming Translation and Localization Services

Gaming Translation and Localization Services

Translate to WIN!

Games industry is one of the highest profits industries in the world, and to gain more from it you need reach the widest range of clients worldwide by speaking their language. The fact that you are native-speaker of the target language ensures that your audience will be presented with a final product which seems to have been written and designed with them in mind.

As an experienced developer, you already know that to ensure complete immersion and a seamless user experience, it is important to properly localize your games and apps.


Games Are More than Just Words

For gamers and game fans, playing is not just a game it is a life of entertainment and enthusiasm. They put strategies, consider every movement and think of spatial manipulations, they develop mathematical skills, stamina, sportsmanship, and confidence, and they are also enjoying winning and victory and sharing all of this with friends and family. Therefore, during playing, words and phrases on the screen or audio files matter a lot.

To ensure your audience an immersion and a seamless user experience during playing, you need more than absolute accurate translation and localization to deliver the utmost joy and interactive entertainment. You need to completely adapt your content to the culture and society of your target audience to deliver the joy, fun and satisfaction to them whatever their ages are and wherever they are.

Why We-Arabize

Our translation and localization services for the gaming industry are designed to make the entire process easy for you. We are able to provide you properly localization for all aspects of your game or app including audio files and subtitles, UI, and even packaging and marketing materials, as we work with games and apps in all genres and over 100 languages.

Our team includes native-speaking linguists familiar with the type of game or app that you’re making. We also work with experienced specialists depending on your genre, and with you to ensure seamless artistic and stylistic translation are preserved when localizing your game or app for players and users in a different region. To completely ensure this, we:

  • Work with gamers translators who completely aware of games and how important it is for your vision to come across clearly in the target language

  • Use the help of experienced native-speaking linguists to easily localize into more than 100 languages

  • Keep your code and IP safe as we follow restrict security and our linguists sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)

  • Count on a network of specialists worldwide who are able to provide round-the-clock work

  • Rely on the highest quality translators with triple layers translation process to provide accurate seamless gaming experience to your users

Our specialist games translators will be a native of the region you target. This means they can advise you on issues such as:

  • Color schemes: certain cultures, such as China, place a large degree of emphasis on color symbolism. Our professional translators can handle such issues.

  • Cultural sensitivities: when you target different audiences you need to understand and interpret historical, societal, political and many other issues in different ways. We ensure that you have an understanding of these differences and localize them in a way that your game or app will not be in conflict with your target audience.

  • Right-to-left: many languages are being written from right-to-left, that means you need to deliver your UI and menus in that way – no worries, our linguists will take care of it.


What We-Arabize Provide

Whatever the system or platform your game designed to run on we have the right resources who have enough experience to translate and localize them. Our team has already localized apps on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac as well as on classic and modern consoles. Simply tell us what you need and we ensure you to have it with the highest quality and in the right time.

You can have us effectively localize your game and app into any language spoken in any region in the world. We most commonly provide:

  • Games for PCs and PlayStations and all consoles

  • Online games

  • Mobile apps and mobile games

  • Game websites

  • Game packaging and manuals

  • Marketing and advertising for games of all kinds


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